Why Go Virtual?

Virtual ROI is better

THE move to online event platforms like MyVirtualEvents.net has in many cases exceeded the Return On Investment (ROI) of their previous physical events, according to new research released by marketing automation firm Swift Digital. The company surveyed its clients about their experiences
during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 81% of respondents reporting the same or better attendance at their virtual events than previous in-person
event… Two-thirds of those surveyed said their virtual events had proven so effective that they were planning to continue to utilise online event platform even once restrictions are fully lifted.
“On balance, the ROI of virtual events exceeds the ROI of in-person events,” said Swift Digital CEO Poochee Yuen – see the report at swiftdigital.com.au

Watch the video below to see what Professional Conference Organisers think about our Platform ROI

Attract Global Audience

Virtual Events can attract an additional audience that could not attend the physical event for many reasons including expensive travel, time limitations, and many other reasons.

Virtual events are able to run longer

Virtual events are able to run longer (with MyVirtualEvents.net Platform, you can keep your event live for up to 12 months), accumulate more leads, and reach more people. The large data acquired during the event also leads to more revenue in sales as a result of lead nurturing.

Better speakers

In-demand speakers will agree to speak for a fraction of the price at virtual events because of the convenience. You can afford better speakers (and more of them) for the same price. 
You can also save on flights, hotels, and other expenses that you usually have when inviting interstate or international speakers.
What does that mean? High-quality speakers translate into more attendance and more leads.


Costs for physical events include the following:

  • Renting event space (move-in, operational days and move-out)
  • Hiring staff and caterers
  • Booking live entertainment
  • Paying for employee travel costs
  • Putting speakers up in hotels
  • Security
  • Registration
  • Cleaning

… you get the picture… with a virtual event platform like MyVirtualEvents.net, you get an all-inclusive package price with no surprises.

Watch the video below to see what Event Organisers think about our platform.